Why You Should Make Scuba Diving in Costa Rice an Adventure Goal

Posted by on June 16, 2015

One of the main reasons Costa Rica is the perfect place to go scuba diving is because it doesn’t get as much hype as other dive locations, yet there’s much to discover here. In other words, diving in this country will let you experience an entirely new kind of sea exploration.

Here are other reasons that make Costa Rica an amazing dive spot:


It is home to an amazingly rich marine life.

This is due to the warm and nutrient-filled waters of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. No wonder you’ll find here the largest varieties of aquatic life in the whole planet, particularly in Manuel Antonio. Some of the wonderful marine species you’ll meet here include white tip sharks, reef sharks, dolphins, humpback whales, turtles, nudibranch and many other tropical fish.


You’ll be accompanied by fantastic guides.

This is especially true if it will be your first time to scuba dive. In Costa Rica, dive tours will be accompanied by experienced guides, giving you total peace of mind. Due to the country’s water conditions and topography, many divemasters and PADI instructors are drawn here, ensuring tourists they’ll have the best guides to look after them while underwater. On top of that, you’ll find really affordable diving lessons to help you be prepared for your first ever dive.


There’s so much more to do than just dive.

When you’ve had your fix of scuba diving adventure, naturally, you’ll want to try something else or just be able to relax or have fun. Here in Costa Rica, you can try other kinds of activities that will have you adrenalines pumping. These include surfing, hiking, zip lining, quad biking and more.


If you stay in Manuel Antonio, you can go sailing or sport fishing. Whatever you please, you’ll find lots of reasons that will make your stay in Costa Rica worthwhile.With these reasons, shouldn’t you book your next trip to Costa Rica?

Photos by: Gilbert Corrales VillalobosBarry PetersPhilippe GuillaumeThomas Anderson

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