Where to Sleep in Great Luxury This 2015

Posted by on December 18, 2014

Looking forward to your next line of adventures next year? For a comfortable and unforgettable trip, you should stay in fancy resorts and hotels that are meant to awe and inspire. Not to mention, make your experience dreamlike even when you’re fully awake.


Park Hyatt

This beachfront resort in Zanzibar is designed to blend the rest of the world in the land of safaris and the Big 5. Its design is a blend of Arabic, European, Indian and Persian influences that are showcased in all of its 56 rooms and 11 suites. But its best feature is the location—a historic town center that is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Angama Mara

Are you planning to visit Kenya in time for the Great Migration? You should book a room at the Angama Mara in Maasai Mara, as it is scheduled to open at the same time. Well, a room might be an underestimate since the accommodation being offered are high-end safari camps perched on top of escarpments. What better way to watch the vast land of Kenya and its wildlife than from your very own balcony?


Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain

If you never had a reason to visit other parts of China than its capital or where the Great Wall of China is located, the Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain just might be the excuse you need. Located in Dujiangyan, Sichuan, China, it is built at the base of the Qing Cheng Mountain and sits next to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Dujiangyan. An hour away from it is the major city of Chengdu. But the real pulling power is its modern structure topped with pagoda roofs.

2015 holds a lot of promise for traveler and tourists alike in terms of new and newly renovated accommodation built around the world. All it takes is research and lots of money to spend.


Photos by Paul Toogood (first 2 images), DiscoverDuPage and Bart Speelman

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