Where to Get the Most Scenic Train Rides in the World?

Posted by on June 20, 2015

If you were to choose between traveling on an airplane, a boat or a train, what would you choose? For many people, they’d easily pick an aircraft because it can take them to any destination in just a fraction of the time traveling by boat or bus. But for other people, nothing beats the experience of train rides, what with the beautiful scenery you can see along the way.

Some trains nowadays offer the kind of luxury that you can find in business class planes. This is why a lot of travelers would choose to travel through this mode of transportation on any given day.

The following are some of the places where you’ll find the finest train rides.

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad – Colorado

This circa-1882 coal-fired, steam-operated train will let climb 3,000 feet at 18mph. This train will make you feel like time-traveling back to 130 years ago with its locomotives dating back to the 1920s. It will take you through steep mountain between Durango and Silverton in Southwest Colorado.


Glacier Express – Switzerland

A majestic view of the Alps in all its glory against the awe-inspiring blue sky is what you need to calm the senses and give you the trip of a lifetime. Another reason to love this train ride in the Swiss is its quality and punctuality.

The Glacier Express travels through chalet- and cow-dotted valleys from Zermatt to St. Moritz, which takes seven hours.


Tranzalpine – New Zealand

This train travels from Christchurch to Greymouth where you can climb Franz Josef Glacier. Takes four and a half hours to cross the South Island of New Zealand, offering breathtaking vistas of Canterbury and the Waimakiriri River as well as by the alpine viaducts towards Arthur’s Pass.


The Rocky Mountaineer – Canada

The Rocky Mountaineer is a world-class travel company that takes tourists from the mountain resort town of Banff in Alberta to the beautiful city of Vancouver. Passing through the astounding Rockies, which means captivating scenery from start to finish, the journey will take two days. But don’t worry. You’ll be spoiled rotten with their impeccable train service, including the gourmet meals, cocktails and snacks.


Photos by: Bob HallGermán Saavedra RojasTobias and Sébastien Launay

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