Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Top Destinations for the Heartbroken

Posted by on April 11, 2015

One popular song posed a very interesting question: “Where do broken hearts go?” Well, there are actually holiday destinations fit for those with love and relationship issues. There is nothing superficial about these locations, really. Just that travelling to a serene and beautiful place is truly healing for someone who seeks answers – confidence, forgiveness, acceptance, courage and love for self.

Juliet’s Wall in Verona, Italy


Head to Verona, Italy and there spend a couple days scanning the many letters to Juliet. You just might find your heart problem oddly trifling than that of others, or find a similar heartache story to which you can relate and gain enlightenment from, or simply find it therapeutic to know that you are not alone in your situation.

Single Cruises, Mexico


Singles, whether ready to mingle or not, you do not need to sulk in a corner and shut yourself from the world. Go out on a single cruise to Mexico, enjoy the panoramic views, the luxurious treats, and the horde of singles. Who knows this might be your chance to forget the hurt, find someone interesting, and start dating again.

Galešnjak Island in Croatia


Ironically, this heart-shaped island known as Lover’s Island is not only for couples and lovers, it is for singles and broken-hearted ones, too. Transformed into an olive orchard by owner, Tonci Juresko, this is supposedly a wedding destination, but the two strips of olive groves make it appear like a bandaged heart via satellite images. Pretty much like an ailing heart, huh? While you are at it, head out to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia for some historical archives on heartbreaks.

Kamalame Cay,  Bahamas


This one is especially for divorcees and singles. Its Le Divorce package inclusive of snorkeling trips, fishing excursions and spa treatments – there is nothing else the broken heart can ask for. The resort goes out of its way into surprising their guests with something close to their hearts, which can be really sweet and extraordinary. Guests will end up falling in love with the resort and hopefully with their broken-but-now-mended selves.

If you have been meaning to survive that heartache, give yourself and travel a chance. Who knows, you just might find the answers you have been looking for.

Photos by: Elliott BrownDon RichardsArya StoneTony Guyton

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