What to see in Bern, Switzerland

Posted by on May 14, 2012

Bern is the capital of Switzerland. After visiting the city, it will have a place in your heart because of its charm and mystique. Bern is unlike any capital city. It is like a small village turned into a cosmopolitan hub. There are modern looking structures and various means of transportation. Although of mostly modern touch, Bern will make a person feel like they are visiting an old town. The transport system all over the city is very well developed. However it is best to walk around if this is your first time visiting the place.

Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

Start to walk from the Holy Spirit Church found on Spitalgasse. There are various attractions that are just a walking distance away from this place. Sidewalks are covered so even if it is raining you can still walk around. You can also find a market in Barenplatz. This is a traditional market where farmers are selling vegetables and fresh meat. The place is lively and you are able to interact with local people. If reach this place then you are also in the Parliament Square. This is a big area where several government buildings can be found.

The place was developed near a place filled with fountains where you can get drenched. If you want to enter some buildings, you need to make an arrangement first. There are also a lot of fountains that were built during the 16th century which are said to define the streets of the capital city. The history of each public fountain can be told on the basis of sculpture. During the medieval period, it was the source of water for people. The pipes connecting them are still intact. You can join a tour that will tell you about the stories behind each fountain.

There are sidewalks or you can ride a tram. There are people always gathering around this water structures. You can also visit some underground shops nearby. You can also find a clock tower which was built in 1191. Said structure is as old as Bern. It also acted as a prison back in those days. You might also want to visit what used to be the house of Albert Einstein for three years. The place is open for the public. The cobblestone streets will make you feel like walking in a medieval city. There is a bridge that serves as an entrance to the village. The medieval village is just like a fairy tale setting.

Bern photo: fisherbray