What to Do When Robbed During a Trip?

Posted by on July 16, 2015

It is quite common to lose your stuff while traveling. As a tourist, you are an ideal prey for local thieves, robbers and scammers. The best solution is to always stay alert and defensive of your belongings to avoid getting robbed, but when you do get robbed, here are things you need to do.

Stay Calm

Easy said than done, but as much as possible do not panic and keep your calm. A lot of things can go awry when you cannot think clearly. Try to collect yourself immediately upon encountering the criminal and do not try to fight back if you are unsure of defending yourself. When you have been robbed without knowing it, inspect your belongings for the things that are missing. It is good if you can remember the details when you report the incident to the authorities.

Report the Crime


Head to the nearest police station or enforcer and ask for assistance regarding your problem. If you contact authorities right away, there is a big chance of them finding the criminal and recovering your things. If you must, contact your embassy as well to alert them of your situation, especially if it is life threatening.

Prevent Further Damage

Call your bank to prevent thieves from draining your accounts in case the criminals have your cards and other financial information. Go to the nearest Internet café or online computer where you can change your passwords to prevent thieves from hacking your accounts.

Alert Insurer


It is a must to have travel insurance. Alert your insurance provider right away regarding the incident and disclose all vital information so they can assist you with finances and other needs.

Contact Family


Your loved ones back home are going to worry when they find out your demise, especially via the television or news portals. Let them know you are okay, but if you are not, alert them about your current condition so they will know how to help you.

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