What Qantas Airways Want You to Wear When in Business Class Lounges

Posted by on February 17, 2015

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If you need to conform to a particular dress code when you go to work or visit certain establishments, such as a place of worship, the last thing you want is to follow another set of dress code when flying out. Well if you are flying Qantas Airways you have no other choice but to follow, or risk being banned from their business class lounges.


Starting April 1, people flying through airports in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth must wear smart casual clothes so they can enter the lounge. Failure to do so can mean you have to go someplace else. Then again, Qantas has imposed a dress code long before the smart casual dress code. Travelers are prohibited from wearing clothing with offensive images or expletives, rubber flip flops or singlets.


Even if you went directly to the airport after a marathon, you would still be required to change into decent clothes, before you are given entrance in the business lounge of Qantas Airways. Walking bare feet is also not allowed, which probably doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. But it has probably happened before that someone travelled with no shoes or slippers on.

The only people allowed to wear non-smart casual clothes are airport workers, as they are permitted to wear bright neon vests in the lounge. You can always follow suit, but what a fashion statement you would make looking quite hi-vis.


What brought on the need to enforce the dress code?  This is due to complaints that the company received from passengers who disapprove how other people dress up when traveling.

If you’re a frequent flyer, however, you may know that dress code has been in effect in a majority of airports, especially in the UK. And yes, they require travelers to dress smart casual as well. This means wearing a track suit, baseball cap, shorts or football shirts will keep you grounded, rather than flying on air.


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