What Is The Difference Between Having A Cannabis License In LA The City Versus LA The County?

Posted by on November 29, 2017

California is seeing plenty of changes with new recreational marijuana laws that went into effect in January 2017. For medical cannabis providers, this can mean jumping through a few new hoops. But how do the laws differ between LA City and Los Angeles County? There isn’t much of a difference. However, there are things that you need to know in order to obtain or keep a cannabis license in California.

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New Laws for Individuals: The new laws allow individuals without a medical card to carry and consume marijuana products. Until the new laws, any individual who wished to purchase cannabis products had to provide a doctor’s order. This did not stop medical marijuana delivery in Los Angeles from becoming a lucrative business as many dispensaries began to offer pick up and weed delivery to individuals who could provide documentation. New laws will allow individuals to purchase marijuana without the medical necessity.

New Laws for Dispensaries: The new laws have been fairly complicated for dispensaries because any dispensary that sold medical marijuana is now forced to reapply for a license. The official date for licensure is January 1, 2018, which has put an entire year between the legalization of medical marijuana and a dispensary’s ability to catch up. Fortunately, dispensaries in good standing may apply for early licensure depending on the local situation.

What’s in a Name?: Depending on your location, you will need to register your dispensary on both a state and local level. This is where you will need to pay attention to whether you are in Los Angeles or Los Angeles County. If you are in Los Angeles, you will need to register with the City of Los Angeles. If you are in Los Angeles County, you must register with your city. For instance, if you are Malibu, which is part of LA County, you’ll need to register with Malibu.

While the new laws have some kinks, they will likely be mutually beneficial for consumers and dispensaries in the long run.

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