What Does Brexit Mean for Holidaymakers?

Posted by on July 15, 2016

The British Exit from the European Union (popularly known as Brexit) has left many people wondering about the future of the UK. This is particularly true in the travel sector, since a lot of UK citizens love to spend their holidays in sunny European countries like Spain, France, and Italy. Now that summer has arrived, a lot of British people are wondering: how do we spend our summer holiday?


The simple answer is this: Brits can go about their travel plans and enjoy the summer season in Europe in 2016. Article 50 (which is implemented when a country leaves the EU) states that there would be no changes to current legislations within the next two years as the UK and the EU go into negotiations. This means that British people can continue to enjoy the privileges that they’ve had in the past, such as using their old passports and not having to obtain visas when they they enter the EU. They can also continue using their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to enjoy healthcare when holidaying in EU countries.


What British holidaymakers can expect, though, is that holiday prices can become more expensive now that the pound has grown weaker. This isn’t a problem if they have pre-booked their flights and hotels, but they might find that food, entertainment, local transportation, and other things in EU countries will cost them more money.


It’s important to note that the same principles apply for EU travelers who want to spend their vacation in the UK. Since legislations stay the same, they can visit the UK as easily as before. International travelers, meanwhile, may find that their UK and European vacations are much cheaper since the value of the pound and the euro have tanked after Brexit. American tourists, for example, will be delighted to know that each dollar will be worth more in Britain and in EU countries.


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