What Are the Pros and Cons of Traveling by Motorcycle?

Posted by on November 22, 2017

What are the advantages?

The advantages of the bike are many. It is economical, versatile, agile in town and fast on the road, you can load many things in it, brings adventure, generates adrenaline, is a reason and excuse to meet many people, generates camaraderie, generates passion and much more.

Traveling by motorbike you choose your own daily route, you choose where to stop to spend more time or where to go fast if you do not like the place. You do not have to pay attention to transport schedules and you can visit a country at your own pace. The motorcycle takes you to secluded or sparsely populated places where public transport does not arrive and most of all it brings you closer to the locals. The motorbike travelers call a lot of people’s attention and always come to ask you about your trip.

The motorcycle is a very agile and versatile means of mobility, it allows you to get to your destination even if it’s a place that is very difficult to access, which no other means of transport reaches. For places with rough terrain as your destination you should check with BikeBandit.com first for ATV parts that might come in handy.

What are the disadvantages?

The disadvantages are that you get wet when it rains, that if you crash the body is much more exposed than if you travel by car, and that you do not have someone to keep you awake while riding. You are more vulnerable to the mercy of the weather. Rain, landslides, cold, fatigue, mud, stones.. everything on the bike can cost you your life or at least make you have a hard day.

The disadvantage when traveling with any means of mobility are the costs to transport it when it comes to crossing to islands, or stretches of rivers, lakes or sea. Traveling by motorcycle is not all pink, since it does not have air conditioning, it does not have a windshield wiper when it rains, water hits you all over your body, and above all, the bugs hit you right in the face when you travel at high speed. Good and waterproof motorcycle riding jackets could help you in this situation so you wouldn’t be totally helpless! Likewise, it is a very solitary means of transport, since one travels alone and can not chat with other motorcycles or with his companion.

And finally, it has the complications of where to keep it when you want to do some excursion that can not be done in it, then it cannot be saved anywhere due to the fear of being stolen. Another disadvantage of traveling by motorcycle is having to be attentive all the time to the route and not being able to rest while traveling.

Negative reasons there are many, but the same in other ways of traveling, the important thing is not to see the negative of each thing or way of traveling, but the positive! I could spend hours mentioning the disadvantages of traveling by motorcycle, but I could do the same for travel by foot, by bus or by bike.

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