Ultimate Family-Friendly Seaside Resorts in Northern England

Posted by on April 20, 2013

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Some may choose to head overseas for their family holiday – perhaps the sangria is beckoning in Spain, or the campsites of France are more up your street. Others will decide to stay at home in the UK and venture out on a staycation to undoubtedly save some pennies. What many people don’t realise is just how much fun can be had on our shores without breaking the bank and there’s nowhere better to test this theory than at one of our beautiful seaside towns.

UK Coast Guide

UK Coast Guide

While many may opt to head down south to Brighton or Bognor Regis this summer, some will plump for the north. The weather is often considered to be more reliable on the south coast, but that doesn’t mean the north coasts won’t have their fair share of sunshine. After all, if you have your loved ones with you and a good sense of humour, even if you are caught in an unexpected downfall, at least you’ll still have fun!


Head online to book budget hotels in Blackpool from Travelodge and you will find yourself in the centre of a vibrant seaside town in the heart of Lancashire. This quintessentially British seaside resort is one of our favourite haunts and understandably so.

While it may not be as pristine as other, less popular resorts, and the beach may not boast a blue flag status, Blackpool makes up for it with its sheer quantity of attractions.

Adrenaline junkies will love the Pleasure Beach, with options for the kids and big kids alike. Dare you ride the Big One? Or are you more of a Nickelodeon Land kinda person?

You will also find a Zoo, Dungeons, a Circus, the infamous Blackpool Tower and endless amusement arcades. Plus, travel at the right time and you can catch the renowned Illuminations.


While this seaside town, located in North Yorkshire, may need a little updating, you can’t deny its appeal.

From the Blue Flag status of its North Bay beach, perfect for swimming, to the promenade walks armed with a bag of chips, there’s plenty to see and do.

Spend an afternoon at the SEALIFE centre or enjoy the sunshine in Peasholm Park. Watch the boats at the South Bay harbour or head for Scarborough Castle for a piece of local English heritage.

Beadnell Bay

With two miles of unspoilt beaches, Beadnell Bay in Northumberland is a step above its rivals with regards to picturesque, desolate landscapes.

If you prefer your holidays quieter and less crowded, this could be the place for you. The beach boasts Blue Flag status too, perfect for a quick dip in the less-than-toasty North Sea.

The bay possesses the only west-facing harbour on the east coast of England, so take advantage of the beautiful sunsets of the sea in the evenings.

While the south may have plentiful seaside resorts to choose from, holidaymakers shouldn’t forget what the north of the country has to offer. Take a trip over the Pennines this year and see for yourself.

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