Two Fascinating Places in the UK Forbidden for Tourists

Posted by on August 12, 2016

The world maybe your oyster but there are dozens of places around the globe that you just can’t see and visit no matter how much you want to. Even in the visitor-friendly UK which boasts of a rich tourism industry, some places are restricted or forbidden for tourists.

RAF Menwith Hill

This place is curious one: it looks like a large field dotted with gigantic golf balls that you can easily spot it from miles away. Bad news is, you won’t be able to satisfy your curiosity because this place happens to be the station of the Royal Air Force and is therefore not open to the public. Since 1954, the RAF Menwith Hill station has been providing communication and intelligence services to the UK and the USA.


From a distance, you would see it extensive satellite ground station, which is strategically set up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, in order to intercept different communications and warn about incoming missiles.


The Queen’s Bedroom, Buckingham Palace

A tour around the Buckingham Palace is no doubt an item on many lists of London must-sees. Every year, thousands of tourists willingly pay to witness and explore the official residence of the Queen of England. You can feel the air and enjoy the ambiance of its beautiful gardens, walk through its finely decorated corridors and admire the paintings and expensive furniture in its staterooms. However, you are never allowed to see the Queen’s Bedroom. This place is heavily guarded around the clock.


But just so you know, in 1982, a man by the name of Michael Fagan successful broke into the Queen’s bedroom. It was considered is one of biggest royal security breaches of the 20th century. Fagan scaled up the barbed-wire topped, 14-feet-tall wall of the Palace, and shinned up a drainpipe, and successfully reached the royal chamber where the Queen was resting in her double bed.

Fagan was never sent to jail for the breach, but he managed to sent himself to prison on unrelated offences of taking a car and assault.

Photos by: Matt BuckTim Greenshining.darknessChris Waits

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