Top Travel Gadgets for Your iPhone

Posted by on July 19, 2013

If you plan to head off into the great wide world this summer, then you should be prepared to take with you a whole host of electronic equipment. Although some travellers don’t like the idea of taking too much technology with them, it cannot be denied that electronic devices are becoming an ever greater part of the travelling world. If you plan on heading off into the outer regions of the unknown therefore, it is important, that you take enough juice with you to get there. One such invention that has just hit the stores is the Powerbag backpack, a device made specifically for those who like to keep in touch with the world when they are on the edges of its farthest regions.

Travel Gagdets to take with you

Travel Gagdets to take with you

By making use of the removable and rechargeable 3000mAh battery, you are able to charge any of your apple products alongside any other smartphones and eReaders. Weighing just 3.1lbs, the bag is perfect for flying with tight weight restrictions.

Of course, if you are travelling anywhere exotic, the chances are that you will at some point or another, be coming into contact with some form of water. This means therefore, that if you really want to protect your iPhone, it is probably wise to invest in some sort of waterproof protection. Though there are quite a few cases out there on the market, some of them are bulky, others are expensive and very many of them are cheap, but which one actually stands out?

Well, that depends on what you want to do with it. The DriSuit Endurance for example, is a full ‘dry suit’ for your iPhone (4, 4S & 5). It is unique because it has what most waterproof cases do not; a Fluidic Touchscreen Membrane, so that you can take pictures underwater. Although it is slightly bulkier than most, that one feature could make a great difference when it comes to taking those underwater memories home. If however, you are after something that is slender and easy to carry around then the Incipio Atlas makes the perfect case for anyone looking for a trim and stylish design. But are there any gadgets out there that can save you money when you go? Technically, yes.


If you want to save on roaming charges you could of course invest in an international SIM card. For example, companies such as SIMSmart Pre Paid offer a range of international cards that can save you vast sums of money when you’re travelling abroad. Other than that, there is on the iTunes store a range of apps that can help you save on the dollars while you are away. Ovano is one such app which cuts the fat out of your streaming; saving you up to 80%.

Whatsapp is another crafty app which lets you communicate with other users via WiFi – absolutely free of charge. Though after a year you do have to pay a small fee to use the app, it is one that is certainly worth downloading.

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