Top places in the UK to go summer camping

Posted by on September 18, 2013

A good idea to enjoy your holidays is to go to a summer camp and enjoy all the activities, trips and events in it. All this takes place in a British atmosphere with native English speaking children who also enjoy holidays in camps. The key feature is to perform a wide range of activities designed to improve the skills of the participants. These activities are treated progressively with general interest for the environment, entertainment and sports. There are also games and competitions in which children have fun dramatizing everyday situations such as shopping or to plot scripts created themselves which are recorded and stored for future entertainment. UK is one of the best countries of europe or camping with its campsites in Cornwall and the South West. Our selection of the best summer camps in the UK is:

1. Valley Camping is located in the Welsh Valley of North Wales. If you really want to live a real holiday adventure you cannot miss a visit to this camp in the valley. Set in the spectacular Welsh Valley near Loggerheads, Wales, it is the largest of our camps and facilities and probably the best in Europe. It offers extreme adventure activities and Adrenaline.

Best UK Camping

Best UK Camping

2. Duchess Camp is located northwest of England near the city of Newcastle near the Northumberland National Park. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy nature and discover the magic of Scottish culture. Besides the classic adventure camp activities as String circuits in height, climbing and zip line in the Duke can perform a myriad of exciting outdoor activities unique to the camp.

3. Camp Ashford London located in the modern town of Ashford, 50km from London. Opened in 2010, it has one of the best facilities for educational activities and adventure in Europe. Previously it was an important center of government formation whose impressive infrastructure has been modernized to the current summer camp for children. It is surrounded by 20 acres of grounds with excellent accommodations and recreational facilities.

England Camping

England Camping

4. Norfolk Camping is located near the city of Norwich. It is an american Summer Camp in the stunning style of North Norfolk Coast. The camp is located on a cliff on one of the most beautiful beaches on the north Norfolk coast home to wild birds, fossils and beautiful skies of England! It is perfect for all ages. Featured Activities include Motorsport, American Soccer, Tennis, Diving and Riding.

5. Fortune Peak Camping is located next to Manchester. The center has a capacity for 200 children in renovated facilities, 4 per room, separated by sex and age, separate toilets for boys and girls. Featured Activities include Activities of Survival, Hiking, Mountain Sports, Mountain experiences.

Camping photos: Cristopher Penn, Jane Nearing.

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