To Wi-Fi or Not To Wi-Fi during a Holiday Trip

Posted by on May 12, 2015

People travel for a bunch of reasons, but mainly to relax and unwind; and people go online for a bunch of reasons – to work, to communicate, to study or to get entertained. For some reason, travel and the Internet have become two inseparable must-haves for travelers. Tourists like to go where there is Wi-Fi, and often complain of its unavailability, unreliability and its cost (because travelers expect free Wi-Fi).


At any rate, a new study revealed that the number one complaint of tourists is the lack of free Wi-Fi in establishments like hotels and restaurants. This means that a holiday is not just going out for simple relaxation, getting a tan, and dining at some exotic restaurant. A holiday should also include uninterrupted Internet connection where holidaymakers can update their social media account and inform friends of every single detail of their trip – from the clothes they wear to the food they eat.

Similarly, most tourists these days are not actually out there enjoying pure vacation pleasures, but are in fact balancing vacation and work. People favor locations and rides with Wi-Fi (preferably free) because they are also working, maybe staying on call or finishing some online job.


Now staying connected is not entirely bad, especially if one is using Wi-Fi to do critical task; and one’s work pays for the vacation anyway. However, the availability of free Wi-Fi may have altered the public’s definition of a holiday, where there is utterly no such thing as privacy or exclusivity. After all, how can a trip be exclusive when the whole world knows about it?


There is a good reason why some travelers prefer to stay off the grid. They simply want to get lost from the crowd, get away from the mundane life and somehow taste real relaxation at some secluded place of comfort and peace. Sometimes, other people do not have to know where you are, what you are wearing, eating, drinking and who you are with. Sometimes, a holiday has to be kept a secret for it to truly become a holiday – and the only way to do that is to get off the grid.


Photos by: Alastair MontgomeryCharleston’s TheDigitelDave Stone and Bryan Alexander

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