Tips for Making Unforgettable Travel Videos

Posted by on October 22, 2017

I have to confess. I am addicted to YouTube and to travel videos. They inspire me and transport me to places I want to visit. From watching so many videos, I’ve been bitten by the bug and I’m going to start making them myself. I am learning and I will improve little by little. And as I know some of you want to learn how to record videos when you travel, so in this post, I’ll give you some practical tips to improve and make your travel videos unforgettable. Let’s begin!

I do not think I need to tell you, we’re in the video age. We pay more attention to everything visual, and in travel it’s not any less true. In fact it is demanded increasingly more. Currently, most travel blogs write about the destinations we visit, give advice, travel, etc. So in front of so much “competition” you have to differentiate yourself, and what better way to do it than with videos.

Although at first nobody sees them, think of them as memories that will always be there, so if you start recording, do it because you are passionate. Here’s what you should keep in mind if you want your travel videos to be of high quality:

1. Make it clear what you want to tell

If you mix a lot of things, and you do not follow a common thread, surely you will not transmit what you want to say, and not only that, but you will encounter several problems. First, the video will end up being a nonsense video; and secondly, when it comes to editing it is going to be complicated because you will not have the possibility to give it fluency, and maybe it doesn’t come out quite right.

2. Do not move the camera

When you record moving planes, do not move the camera quickly, you may end up dizzy and the image will not be clear. In fact, Youtube detects if the video moves a lot, with the consequent problem for the positioning, since it does not help because it is indicative of low quality.

3. Record your travel videos in HD

If you want to talk about quality, it is imperative to record in high definition. Minimum is 720p, although if it is 1080p it’s even better. At the moment it is not much of a problem to find a camera that records with that quality. Even many mobile phones do it, so there is no excuse.

4. Use special software

If you want to make really good videos you should use something better than what your computer comes with. For example, Movavi is a great piece of software that will help you greatly and even teach you how to make a youtube video with great travel content.

5. Use a tripod

If you record static landscapes, use a tripod. I understand perfectly the laziness of carrying the tripod in the trips, but the difference is very noticeable in the videos. If you decide not to use it, at least try to stabilize the image by leaning your elbows on your body, or any surface you find. It is important to differentiate a static target from one in motion.

6. Try new concepts

Do not do just like everyone else. For example like a selfie with the camera in hand while speaking, innovate. Ask the locals, get lost in the city to see what you find, record in first person, create a story. Be different, do not be afraid.

7. Record with your own style

Do not try to imitate the styles of other youtubers, each has his own. It is only necessary to find yours and perfect it. If you do it with passion. The result will be good.

Have you already started making travel videos or are you thinking of doing them? Let me know in the comments!

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