Tips for finding cheap airfares

Posted by on May 13, 2012

Are you planning to go on vacation? You might be looking at several sites that would get you the cheapest deal. Unfortunately there are no short cuts if you want to look for the cheapest airfare.  Just like any other purchase, you will need to shop around.

There are several tips that you can follow in order to  save some money while picking the right flight for you.

  • The first thing to do is to purchase the tickets as early as possible especially if you are planning to travel during peak season. If you make your reservations late, then this can cost you money. Remember that airline tickets can go up every day. Be sure to try and beat the deadline. If you are planning to go abroad then make sure to book early for best deals.
  • Experts will advise you to buy late. Normally the last minute tickets have the great price. This is true especially when airlines fail to fill up their planes. You can sign up for newsletters that will email you updates regarding last minute deals. Quite often you will find great dealsand save a lot of money for some great destinations.
  • You should avoid buying the first ticket you find. You need to shop around and make your comparison. The first thing to do is check major airline providers. There are also websites that would help you find the lowest fares. Checking the sites will let you know which airlines will be flying to your destination. With information at hand, you can find the cheapest fares.
  • The best trick is to know the right time to buy. The hardest part of booking a flight is to know when you should stop tracking and buy the ticket. There are tools that would help you know when a fare is rising or dropping. There are some airlines that launch sales during weekend. You might want to watch out for that.
  • If it is possible, try to be flexible on your schedule. There are some flights that are cheaper if you land in two destinations. The trick is to experiment a bit. Shifting your travel for a week can actually make a lot of difference.
  • If you are a frequent traveler you can use the miles while paying for your fare. Redeeming miles are sometimes difficult to achieve however it is always a good option to consider.
  • When prices of the fares go down, you might get a refund. This is not always true and policies vary from one airline to another. It doesn’t hurt to ask your airline.

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