The various types of semi-trailers to choose from for your trip

Posted by on June 1, 2015

Semi-trailers are the kind of trailers which are used to transport or carry some or the other kind of materials and even people.  They are used to carry cargo, livestock, household materials, liquids, hazardous gases and several other such things from one place to another. These trailers are towed at the back of vehicles like cars etc. and are the transported. If you are someone who want to join the trucking industry or wants to purchase a trailer for your own private use, then you must know the various kinds available first. The following are some of the semi-trailer varieties to choose from.

  • Tankers

One of the most used and popular types of trailers are the tankers. Tankers are mostly used to transport hazardous gases and liquids like natural gas, gasoline etc. safely from one place to another and sometimes other items like dairy foods and juices are also carried in them.  Such trailers need to be handled with a lot of care and must be kept away from heat sources.

Trip on a trailer

Trip on a trailer

  • Flatbed trailers

When it comes to carrying heavy materials like tools, machines, automobiles and constructions equipments, the kind of trailers used are known as flatbed trailers.  These semi-trailers are loaded using cranes because there is often no other way to lift the heavy items.  One has to go through proper training before being able to drive such trailers.

  • Camping trailers/vans

Another popular type of a trailer that you can consider buying is a camping trailer/travel trailer or a van. These types of trailers are ideal for those who go on camping trips often and need to carry items and ensure a proper shelter for themselves. These trailers are often used for temporary or permanent living needs as well and have several amenities and facilities provided in them. Some of these include bathroom, kitchen, beds, curtains and water tank etc.

Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers

  • Horse trailers/livestock trailers

Livestock trailers are the kinds of trailers which are used to carry or transport livestock like cows, sheep, horses and hogs etc. from one place to another. Such trailers are different from all the above mentioned ones since they have some open space to let fresh air come in for the animals. The ones that are used to carry horses in particular are known as horse trailers. Horse trailers with living quarters are the ones that are used to carry horses but has a space where even you can rest or live for a while.

So now that you know about all the varieties of trailers available, you can make the choice yourself depending upon your need or requirement. Trailers can be expensive to buy and hence you must always research your options, consider your budget and only then buy from a trusted seller or dealer.  Also, not one single source may sell all these different varieties of trailers and hence you may need to look at different sellers for buying different kinds. So go ahead, buy the one that you want the most.

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