The Various Israel Tour Packages You Can Choose From

Posted by on December 11, 2014

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Israel is a land flocked by pilgrims of various religious affinity. Since millions of Jews, Muslims and Christians visit the country each year, it can be a bit tricky to visit this holy place because of political tensions brewing now and then. During crisis, there’s a huge queue of tourists waiting for a chance to set their feet on Israel once tourism doors open. Prices are usually high, even during off-peak season. To make the most of your stay, can choose from different Israel tour packages the one that best suits your budget and preference.

Israel Highlights Tours (starts at $750/person)

Israel Highlights Tours are designed for all faiths. They can last from 4 nights at $750 to as long as 8 nights at $1,500, or longer. The tours present opportunities to experience Israel’s past and present, as well as immerse in and better understand its culture.

 Old city of Jerusalem - Israël

Bible Land Tours (starts at $1,150/person)

With Israel being the Land of the Bible, visitors can retrace the steps of Bible characters.  The tours usually consist of sightseeing and visiting popular Biblical places such as the Garden of Gethsemane, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea and Tel Aviv.


Christian Heritage Tours (starts at $560/person)

Christian Heritage Tours are apt for Christ-followers who want to experience pilgrimage to various places where Jesus went. Budget-friendly tours start at $560 per person and only last for 3 days, while longer, more extensive tours start at $1,150 per person.

Jewish Heritage Tours (starts at $1,700/person)

Jews who want to retrace their roots can choose from several Jewish Heritage Tours. Learn more about Jewish culture and history and spend exciting nights and days sightseeing, eating traditional Jewish food, and reconnecting with the core of your race. Places to visit include Jerusalem’s Old City and New City, Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, Massada and Dead Sea.

Classic Israel Tours (starts at $1,500/person)

Classic Israel Tours immerse guests to the foundations of three world religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. The tours cover the most popular sites and activities in Israel including Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and the Tower of David.

 8503528348_19198b4215_z (1)

Israel Day Tours (starts at $90/person)

For those who only have a day to visit Israel, they can choose from a variety of day tours, including Jewish Heritage Day Tour, Massada and Dead Sea Day Tour, Mediterranean Coast Day Tour, Biblical Highlights Day Tour, and Jerusalem Day Tour. Day tours are packed with adventures and activities, a truly worthwhile experience of a lifetime.


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