The Philippines: Your Best Week Together

Posted by on September 12, 2017

If you have never dreamed of traveling to the Philippines then maybe soon you will change your mind and will definitely think about that. Beautiful atmospheric views of a picturesque country make you fall in love with them at first sight. This is a paradisiacal corner for a couple in love.

The Philippines attract many people not only with its exotic name but also with the unknown wild tropics, beaches with snow-white sand, non-tourist islands and water of incredible turquoise color. It can become a wonderful place where you can get away from the winter chill because it is the best time to travel to the Philippines. advises you to visit this place as soon as possible.


It is the capital of the island state, and all the planes are flying into there. In general, in Manila there is really nothing to see, only the bravest can stroll through the slums and look at the life of local people from the inside. Despite the relative poverty of the country, people are really friendly here and are always happy to help you. In addition, most of the population speaks English well, so you will not have problems with communication.

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If you decide to travel to the Philippines, don’t miss a chance to go to Mindoro. The island is famous for its beautiful beaches and waterfalls. The boats with divers are sent every morning from the main tourist mecca, the town of Puerto Galera because there are reefs and beautiful places for diving in the area of the island. If you are more interested in a beach vacation, go to a place called White Beach, any taxi driver in Puerto Galera will take you to this pretty village for 50 pesos. In White Beach, you will find many cafes, hotels, a few nice beaches and small fruit shops. The sea in the village is calm, without waves, with an ideal setting and water temperature of fresh milk!

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After Mindoro, go to the farthest island of the archipelago Palawan, in particular, to a paradise place called Port Barton. From the capital of the island of Palawan, Puerto Princesa, a local bus, and a few jeepneys run to Port Barton. A one-way ticket costs about 100 pesos. On the territory of the village, you will find dozens of different cafes and even several restaurants with the really delicious cuisine, some guesthouses with their own bungalows which can be rented, the beautiful beaches with kayaks and many fruit shops with coconuts of 20 pesos. In general, the atmosphere in Port Borton corresponds fully to the word “chill”: you want to sleep longer, sunbathe on the beach and watch the stunning sunsets from the shore, enjoying each other company and your travel to the Philippines.

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Just next to the village, there is a small waterfall, the road to which goes through the jungle and a beautiful wild beach. Thousands of nautical stars will meet you in warm turquoise water, the whole bottom is literally strewn with them, so the mask for diving is a must have.

One of the main attractions of the island can be called a vast network of underground karst caves, which connects an underground river, with a length of 8 kilometers. The caves and tropical jungles around are part of the national park “Saint Pauls Subterranean River”, located 80 kilometers from the administrative center of the island.

The list of the most visited places in Palawan includes the bay of Honda Bay with its numerous reefs. This place is ideal for snorkeling and diving. Transparent, clear water, beautiful wild beaches, an amazing underwater world will take your breath away.

The pearl both the Philippines travel and the island of Palawan is the El Nido reserve. It is a paradise for romantics and ecotourism enthusiasts.

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