The Neon Museum in Las Vegas

Posted by on April 8, 2013

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If you find yourself somewhere near city of lights one day you have to know that there are things to do in Vegas other than playing poker , I recommend you to visit the Neon Museum (also known as Neon Graveyard (cemetery)), in the city, not far from the “strip”, namely the n. 821 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada.

Neon museum

Neon museum

The non-profit association that manages this open-air museum – says – “our mission is to collect, preserve, and exhibit neon signs and all of them linked to culturally enrich the international community”

Probably no city in Las Vegas could have thought of setting up a museum dedicated to the old neon signs discontinued. In fact, in Las Vegas, there is the Neon Museum Boneyard, which includes over 150 old neon signs that once sparkled on the facades of buildings, advertising hotels, shops and various attractions that no longer exist today.

It ranges from pre-World War II, until very recent signs – like the recently demolished Stardust (which we discussed recently) – and almost all of them are the result of donations by the legitimate ex-owners. There really is everything from signs of casinos that have made history, semi unknown boards of bars, parking lots, and all that in the collective can relate to the “made in USA” in the advertising industry. If, like me, you are mad  for the “American Style” in this sort of thing, for sure you’ll have fun with that, considering that these pieces are “authentic” and not modern reproductions to catch-tourists …

The museum is a small attempt to demonstrate that even a short-lived and controversial city like Las Vegas can boast a history and some small hint of culture. The historic signs can be named as Caesars Palace, Binions Horsehoe, Golden Nugget, Silver Slipper and Stardust and they have inspired artists, art historians, students and design experts.

The guided tour of the Neon Museum costs 15 euro per person and takes place in two shifts per day (Tuesday to Friday), at 12 and 14. Saturday at 9:30 and 11.

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