The Milky sea, a natural phenomenon

Posted by on May 21, 2012

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Milky Way is not only in Galaxy. There exist the Milky Sea here on Earth. Just like the mystery clusters of the sky, this place is very unique and fascinating. For over four centuries, scientists and navigators have been perplexed over this phenomenon. A body of the water is part of the Indian Ocean. It shines and reflects which is compared to gleaming milk. This is the reason why it has that name. The reason behind this was described by a scientist and it was proven to be very simple.

Milky sea - a natural phenomenon
Milky sea – a natural phenomenon

It is compared to fireflies that emit light. For the Milky Sea, it is caused by a certain bacteria called the Vibrio Harveyi. This is something that glows so they can attract fishes. Once they are consumed, they settle in the guts of the fish. This whole phenomenon is not dangerous but this remained a mystery for years which confused a lot of people until they found out the actual cause. Every now and then, there are people who have heard of this place for the first time and they want to solve the mystery.

The light of the bacteria is caused by a scientific process called the bioluminescence through which they emit a natural light. This glow is something that happens continuously thus giving this part of the ocean a sort of a milky glow. The whole process is said to be natural and doesn’t have any effect on the various life forms found in the sea. The said illumination is only coming out in places where sea traffic is regular. The glowing sea is something that casts curiosity to the people who have seen it. The discovery of the chemical process is due to high technology and modern gadgets.

Milky sea
Milky sea

Steve Miller was the person who identified the said phenomenon. He was a marine biologist in California. He partnered up with bioluminescent expert Steve Haddock. Together they studied this natural phenomenon. They have used satellite images and other data that would help them in solving the mystery behind it. Scientists have helped in a lot of ways when it comes to the phenomenon here on earth. One example is the Milky Sea. It is important for people to know what is happening in the place where they live in. Scientists are the ones who play a big role in discovering natural wonders. This in the long run is something that would benefit the humankind.

Milky sea photo 1: conmike12, Milky sea photo 2: npantazis1,

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