The Food Journey That Feeds Your Mind and Whets Your Appetite

Posted by on January 13, 2015

Most foodies travel to sample local cuisines, world-renowned dishes and other treats worth blogging and writing about. Not to mention, take pictures of. But some gastronomic journeys don’t have to mean packing up more pounds or sending calories right down to your hips. Are you ready to feed your mind?

Bruges, Belgium

In Frietmuseum you will discover how fries came to be. No, the French has nothing to do with it, because it was actually invented in Belgium. In this museum, you will be surrounded with huge servings of fries that are delectable enough to eat. Along with it is valuable information that dates back to the beginning of the potato. With knowledge like that, you would want to hit the nearest fries shop the moment you step out of the museum.


Yokohama, Japan

What is Japan famous for? Apart from the sushi and sashimi, the country is renowned for its ramen. In the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum, you will step back in time in a streetscape replica that was set in the 1958 period style, the same time that instant ramen was invented. One look at the scenery and you would want to order a bowl and start slurping.


Toruń, Poland

The city of Toruń is closely linked to a traditional gingerbread called Pierniki. It dates as far back as the medieval times, and the Żywe Muzeum Piernika will definitely transport you back in time. Featuring a 16th-century factory, visitors will be given an opportunity to get down and doughy. Unlike other museums, you will have a hands-on experience during your visit. Just make sure to ask if you can eat the gingerbread you make.


Other food museums you should visit include the Deutsches Currywurst Museum in Berlin, Germany that features a famous recipe made of pork sausage; Museu do Pão in Seia, Portugal that showcase Portuguese bread, and the National Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin that features mustard.

Deutsches Currywurst Museum

Photos by:

Taiwai Yun


Yun Huang Yong

Thomas Quine

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