The 4 Riskiest Travel Activities

Posted by on June 8, 2018

Hey, Sassy Peeps. You’re looking forward to vacation, right? Remember, traveling brings out the devil in us, and activities we wouldn’t do back home seem less risky on the road — such as jumping in the Trevi Fountain in Rome or any fountain anywhere. Fountain jumping could cost you a substantial fine, but the four activities below carry some real risk.

Taking Boat Tours Into the Wilderness: Watch Out for the Crocs!

Image via Flickr by Nelo Hotsuma

Depending on where you go on vacation, you’ll have the opportunity to take a boat tour. Just remember, safety precautions can sometimes be nonexistent. A boat trip in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region starts at a dock that is only one 10-inch wide board — with crocodiles around. Many tourists manage to walk to the boat safely. But sometimes, someone slips. So far, according to reports, no tourist has been killed or injured.

Falling Asleep Where Wild Animals Roam: You Might Be Dinner

If you are off to Africa, you may want to try a road trip across Namibia, sometimes called “Africa for beginners.” If you do, stop at the Okaukuejo camp. It’s next to the Okaukuejo Waterhole, a fenced-off, floodlit waterhole where animals come to drink.

The campground has amenities that will make you feel like you are back in civilization again, but spending time at the waterhole will remind you that you’re not. Be sure to heed warnings advising people not to fall asleep at the watering hole. A German tourist did and was killed by two lions that jumped the fence. The lesson here is always follow instructions.

Taking a Ride on a Motorbike Taxi: More Thrilling Than a Roller Coaster

It’s a blast — zipping through traffic, lane splitting, jumping red lights, and exceeding the speed limit. It’s thrilling all right, but Peeps, it can also be dangerous. If you’re going to do it, make sure you do it in a country with good hospitals. Better yet, consider getting additional travel protection with MedjetHorizon before you take the chance of being hospitalized. MedjetHorizon will arrange transportation for MedjetHorizon members to a hospital in your home country. Give injuries a second thought before you jump on that bike.

Wandering on the Wild Side: A Hangover Could Be the Best Thing to Happen to You

You want to go out and raise a little heck, but you don’t want to do it in one of the touristy bars. You and your friends wander into a nearby, slightly edgy neighborhood — a bad idea.

Several things could happen. Drinking the local booze is one; it could make you go blind (methanol in high concentrations can damage the optic nerve in your eyes). And if the alcohol doesn’t make you go blind, the buzz could push you into an unwanted confrontation with a local. You don’t want to get arrested since you could spend time in a foreign jail.

If you’re looking for more excitement than you’re getting from your tour guide, balance the risk with the thrill. Too much risk could change the thrill to terror.

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