Six great reasons to put down roots in Paisley

Posted by on October 7, 2013

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There are a great number of desirable locations in which to live in in the UK, but surely few of them can match the West of Scotland region. And with the highly impressive selection of flats to rent in Paisley, anyone can find a property that will match their aspirations as well as their budget. Here are six reasons why you should choose to live in this wonderful town.

A superb university education right on the doorstep

As you might expect from an area that’s so close to Glasgow University and the University of the West of Scotland, Paisley has a large and active student population. If you are planning to study towards a degree in the coming months, you should think about making Paisley your base. Here, you can study in style amid vibrant and extremely pleasant surroundings.

An excellent choice of houses and flats

Paisley is one of those all too rare locations which can truly offer living arrangements for individuals, couples and families throughout the area. There is an extremely wide selection of flats, apartments and houses to choose from, and the broad spectrum of monthly rental prices means you can find what you want even if you can only manage a small budget.

Paisley town, Scotland

Paisley town, Scotland

A transport network you can rely on

With four railway stations in the local area – the largest of which is Paisley Gilmour Street – the town is within easy commuting distance of both Glasgow and Edinburgh. The M8 motorway lies close to the northern suburbs, providing motorists with a speedy link to the rest of the UK. There are also plenty of local and regional bus routes to choose from here.

An international airport for when you need to get away

Needless to say, there are times when we all like to get away for a holiday in the sun, and Paisley people are lucky enough to have an international airport right on their own doorstep. Direct links to Europe’s summer hot-spots are available throughout the warmer months, as well as to transatlantic destinations. Business flights to Europe are also well catered for.

Coates Memorial Church

Coates Memorial Church

The nightlife that gives you a buzz

While the nearby centre of Glasgow is particularly well-known for its nightlife, Paisley also offers plenty of options for anyone who is looking for a night out. With bars and pubs available for those who are after a drink or two, there is also a great choice of restaurants. Cuisine from all over the world is on hand, so if you are hungry this is the place to be.

Education, education, education

As well as highly regarded universities, Paisley is home to a huge choice of schools for children of all ages. As well as traditional junior and senior schools, there are also schools for children who require further support and guidance. Parents of children of all ages will be pleased by the amount of choice they have when they first move to this charming town.

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