Road or Rail: Which Is the Best Way to Explore the USA

Posted by on July 22, 2019

The iconic American road trip has often featured in Hollywood movies but these movies fail to point out some of the hazards and expenses of road travel. When it comes to booking your own cross country adventure, could rail be a better option than the road?

Freight rail continues to grow in the United States

Getting around

One of the first things that anyone will notice when looking at a map of the USA is the sheer size of the country. The highway system is easily navigable but then the traveller will have to take into account hotel bookings, petrol prices and also the style of American driving.

One way to overcome these potential problems is to take advantage of the many rail holidays in the USA. Some of these holidays can be tailor-made for the independent traveller and others consist of small groups accompanied by a knowledgeable and professional tour director.


One of the main problems with exploring any new country by road is your fellow motorists. The traffic jams on some American highways are shocking and since you want to spend your time exploring the country and not stuck behind other cars, getting the train would appear to be the ideal solution.

Booking motels in the USA can be a bit of a walk into the unknown and this can lead to further problems for road travellers seeking a clean and comfortable place to spend the night. With a guided train holiday in the USA from Great Rail all the inconvenience is taken out of the booking process and the visitor can get on with enjoying their time in the country. Accommodation will come with guaranteed comfort and quality so you don’t have to worry about sorting it yourself.


The old UK advertising slogan ‘let the train take the strain’ really does apply when it comes to covering the vast distances between the states. No-one can really enjoy their holiday if they are tired and stressed and don’t really know what to expect when they arrive at their destination.

One of the major benefits of taking an organised rail holiday is that you’ll have the time to enjoy the scenery from the carriage. Your tour manager will also brief you about the various destinations you’re likely to visit. Another major benefit is that you’ll be able to work out all your travel expenses, as hotels and train fares are all included in the holiday, making the train better every time.

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