Plitvice Lakes, the Croatian paradise

Posted by on May 13, 2012

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The Plitvice Lakes is situated in Croatia’s national park which was established in the late 40’s. The place is breathtaking due to its natural beauty and it is one of the largest in the country. The whole park is thousand meters above the sea. The park also is a part of World Heritage list that is created by UNESCO. It was recognized to have an outstanding beauty. It also produced tufa which is due to chemical and biological process. Aside from the Plitvice Lake, there are other bodies of water in the area like lakes, forest and water fall.

Plitvice lakes park
Plitvice lakes park

Plitvice Lakes are known for its unique colors from blue, green, to grey. The color is constantly changing depending on the minerals and organisms living in the water. It is also dependent on the angle of the sun hitting the surface. You will know which bacteria is actually thriving within the lake due to its colors. Plitvice lakes are composed of 16 bodies of water that were formed by dams. They are separated from the upper and the lower area of the lake. To get into this area, you will have to pass through pathways and various trails. Be sure to have your hiking shoes ready. You can find trails that are descending. The park is found in the center of Croatia and it is in the eastern part of a mountainous region of Lika Seni area. This national park has about 4,000 residents living in it. Basically they earn their money through tourism and farming. The Plitvice Lakes are known to be a natural monument. This can be enjoyed by a lot of tourists and for the next generation.

Plitvice Park
Plitvice Park

After it was established, this park is offering inspiration for a lot of tourists. It is one of the biggest attractions in the country today. If you are planning to visit Croatia then this park is a place that shouldn’t be missed. Normally there are thousands of people visiting the area especially during summertime. For those who want to feel peace and stay relax, then this is the best place to experience aside from the city itself. Part of the activity when visiting the place is hiking. There are also other activities that you can enjoy like boating, mountain biking and even skiing. Plitvice Lakes are not like any other lakes in the world. They are just unique and something that should be seen. It is truly a beautiful outdoor place.

 Plitvice lakes photo 1:zoefra, Plitvice lakes photo 2: andrew.ridley

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