Offloading: What Is It and How to Avoid It?

Posted by on July 30, 2015

There are nationalities that can gain entry to other countries using just their passport. But for other people, they will need to secure proper documentation to be able to visit certain nations. Failure to do so can result to offloading, which is denying a passenger entry to particular country due to several reasons.

A tourist may be denied entry to a foreign country if he or she cannot present proper documentation. A passenger may also be offloaded if he or she provides inconsistent response to questions asked by an immigration officer. If there is enough evidence for the immigration officers to believe that the passenger may be at risk in his or her intended destination, then he or she can also be refused entry.


So, how does one ensure that he or she won’t be offloaded?

Have a valid passport.

It should have at least six months validity from the date of your departure. You can also take your old passport with you as a supporting document, just in case.

Present round-trip plane tickets.

What immigration officers are afraid of when allowing a foreigner to enter their country is that they might never return to their homeland, which can cause problems with the law. This is why you should present round-trip tickets, which should not exceed the days of your stay in a particular place.


Secure a visa (if required).

You will be issued a visa according to the purpose of your travel. This will need to be valid to prove that your visit is legal.


Proof of age, educational attainment and financial capacity must be on hand.

Should there be any reason for an immigration officer to doubt your identity or the true reason for your visit, you will need to go through a secondary inspection. You will also need to bring proof of age, educational background and financial capacity. So, take your birth certificate, school transcript, efile copy of an income tax return or other documentation that can support your claim. You will need to have certificate of employment, company ID and acceptance letter if you filed a leave of absence with your employer. A bank statement will also be a good evidence to prove your income.

Additionally, be sure to dress appropriately and speak confidently and truthfully during the interview with the airport authority.


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