Offline Apps for Digital Nomads

Posted by on April 15, 2016

Having a location-independent job has its perks like working from any place in the world and giving you more time to travel. If you are a travel blogger or a freelance worker who depends on internet connection to get the job done, chances are, there are travel destinations where internet is not available or so slow that it tests your patience.

Have you experienced being on a long haul trip on a bus, trying to finish your blog but struggling to get your mobile WiFi work? Or perhaps you were invited to a weekend in a remote area only to find out there is no internet. Disappointing it may seem but this does not have to really be a nightmare. There are offline apps you can use even if you are on the road and unplugged.

  1. Pocket


This app is useful for saving online content that you can view at a later time, offline. Even if you need to access it from your smart device or laptop when you are enjoying sunset in a beach, there are available versions of the app for these devices. By simply synchronizing the app while still online, you can retrieve the file for later.


  1. Metalogic Finance Explorer

Since you are traveling, you need a budget and personal finance tool to track your expenses and if you are an entrepreneur or business owner, monitor loan payment progress and stocks, this is the app for you. Apart from supporting Quicken and Money, this finance tool is capable of working offline.


  1. Zoundry Raven

This full-featured WYSIWYG tool editing tool is essential if you are a travel blogger. Here, you can write blog posts as well as online content even if you are writing while on vacation and without internet connection. This editing app supports multiple blog management and content management tools. In a nutshell, you can blog even while on the road and just upload your content once you get online.


Photos by: Steven ZwerinkZBW Leibniz-Informationszentrum WirtschaftJason Howie

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