Most Unusual Destinations For an Italy Yacht Charter

Posted by on January 7, 2020

Craving an off-the-beaten-track adventure, but want to stay in one of the world’s favourite cruising grounds? You may think that by now, every sunsoaked corner of Italy would have been widely explored. However, you are in luck, with many chic spots still kept as secrets by the locals who enjoy holidaying there. If you do head for these destinations on an Italy yacht charter, remember to be respectful and embrace the local culture. With some of the best dishes you’ll ever taste and a laid back, friendly atmosphere, these will be places you’ll want to return time and time again.

Best-Kept-Secret Spots For a Yacht Charter In Italy


Often missed off of the classic Italy yacht charter itinerary, and all the better for it, is the tiny island of Procida. With a tangle of pastel coloured houses adorning its seafront, you will fall in love with Procida from the moment you see it glimmering in the distance.

Yacht charter holidays here will be blissful and relaxed, just a stone’s throw from the beautiful, A-List-friendly isle of Capri yet with none of the pretension. Stroll up to the Terra Murata – the highest point on the island and the oldest village, with fortress walls that were built as protection from invaders in the 15th century – and take in the awe-inspiring views. Wander the medieval streets and explore the crumbling church of Abbazia di San Michele. Or, if your perfect yacht charter in Italy involves doing nothing, head to the Lido de Procida with a book and a towel and spend your day in complete bliss.


Next on your tour of Italy’s hidden gems is Marettimo, found just off the coast of Sicily. As an almost completely car-free island it is a paradise for walkers, as well as anyone looking for a slower pace of life. Paths take you through herb-scented Mediterranean flora that you won’t find on the Sicillian mainland, and up to rock perches offering a breathtaking view out to sea. Its crystal-clear waters offer the perfect spot for in-the-know scuba divers to discover brightly-coloured sea life.

The modern town itself is a beautiful array of simple, whitewashed houses trailing down to the seafront. With charming cafes offering cappuccinos and cakes, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to stop and drink it all in. Cuisine here is centered around delightfully fresh seafood, and dishes like pasta con le sarde – a Sicilian pasta with wild fennel and sardines –  are a must-try on your Italian yacht charter.


Last on this unique Italy yacht charter itinerary is the beautiful Pisciotta, a place of narrow lanes, pastel houses, timeworn stepped lanes, hidden churches, and small piazzas scattered with locals going about their daily business. Explore the stunning 17th-century Palazzo Ciaccio, or stroll down the ancient paved path of La Chiusa to reach the heart of the olive belt; a lovely, shaded walk to be enjoyed at any time of year.

Wandering towards the sea, you’ll find stunning golden sand beaches, gin clear waters, and more olive groves providing added Mediterranean charm. Modest trattorias selling extraordinary food line the waterfront. While away an evening at one of them watching the sunset; something you’ll remember long after you step off the yacht.

We hope this article has helped you on your way to discovering delightful hidden spots on your next Mediterreanean yacht charter.

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