London, the coolest getaway with the kids in Europe – part 1

Posted by on February 11, 2014

London offers to any family traveling to Europe a more appetizing long week, but requires preparation and you need to book early, as hotels fill up quickly and you have to manage the transportation cards. With a reputation of an expensive city, it has many free surprises. The getaway excites travellers of all ages and it never disappoints.



There is no age to fall in love with London, because it appeals with equal force to youth and adults. Open, lively and busy as few European cities, visiting the British capital with children adds another facet to its thousand faces. Seeing through the eyes of a young reader of Harry Potter the unique Tower Bridge, participating in activities for children in a thousand museums or picnicking in the parks adds to the charm of those who knew it before parenthood.

Maybe a trip with children in London itself would have to give up spending too much time shopping (unless you travel with teenage girls, who will be delighted) in very crowded markets with very young children and evening drinks in general.

You have to have more time for museums and museum shops which are absolutely extraordinary, and some of them are expensive but essential – as the famous London Eye Ferris wheel – views, and many, many trips on foot or by double-decker buses, since many of the flagships of Post London are in the street. Do you plan to travel to London in the coming months? Now is the time to prepare for the trip.

The most welcoming museums

No queues. No entrance fee but some exhibitions. In London, the gateway to the great museums is free for all. Two recommendations : first, leave some money for the visit, in gratitude, secondly, make ​​a map of each museum and select what you really want, because this are some immense collections which will overwhelm and exhaust you and it would be a pity for the  children – before seeing what they really want . There are many more, but these are the essential museums:

At the British Museum, you can find one of the best collections of ancient art in the world; you have to spend, if not a whole day (a full morning or afternoon). The Rosetta stone, the bust of Ramses or moai of Easter Island are some of the attractions you should not miss with your children. There are many plans for families.

The Natural History Museum is another must stop when traveling to London with children. There are dinosaurs, fossils, butterflies, whales … and a heavy schedule of activities for children. It will be one of their favourite museums and will cost you to get them out.

A well planned visit with children at the National Gallery is a true delight. This museum houses world famous paintings, such as ‘The Arnolfini Marriage ‘ Van Eyck, Velázquez’s Venus, or Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

The Tate Modern is one of the meccas of modern art in London, and also a singular – one former power station building, which itself deserves a visit. Colours and attractive shapes, magnificent views of the city from the top floor cafe, and children’s activities make it a perfect visit.

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