Lesser known Rome corners that will captivate you

Posted by on July 11, 2014

The Italian capital is not just the Colosseum or or the Trevi Fountain! Read on to see some other, equally essential attractions to be included on your tour there.

The floor of the Capitolium

The Piazza, one of the finest in Rome, was designed around 1550 by Michelangelo, following an initiative of Pope Paul III, who sought to beautify the city and to receive the visit of King Charles V. Here you should walk with your eyes on the floor: Buonarroti’s design is a masterpiece of geometry. Also, admire the facades of the buildings surrounding the piazza. If some details are forgotten, the current landscape is very similar to Capitolium drawn by the artist. It is part of the Capitoline and is bounded by the city of Rome.

Take a look at the floor

Take a look at the floor

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