Lesser-Known Caribbean Islands Worth Discovering

Posted by on May 16, 2015

If you’re planning to visit the Caribbean, you might want to steer clear of famous tourist destinations that are sure to be crowded the whole year round. There’s no stopping you, of course. But for some real peace and quiet, you might want to visit the less traveled Caribbean islands.



Dominica is not exactly unknown, but it has remained untouched by tourist population. A small island part of the Lesser Antilles, it has been known as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”. This is where you will find the second largest hot spring of the world aptly named the Boiling Lake, the Cabrits National Park, volcanoes, coral reefs, waterfalls, 365 different rivers, and beaches with either black or white sand.



Known as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, Montserrat bears the geographical resemblance to the European nation’s coastal parts and the Irish heritage of plenty of its people. Out the 39 square miles that the tiny island occupies, 25 miles of these are composed of a beach, two beautiful islets, and several rocky cliffs. A visit to the island offers an opportunity to commune with nature through hiking, diving, spearfishing and bird watching.



If you want a taste of France in a more tropical setting, Guadeloupe is where you should be. As an overseas region of France, French ancestry is very much evident in the island. It is divided into two main parts: Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, with just bridges connecting them. This is where you’ll find what Jacque Cousteau, a French Naval officer, considers the best diving spots in the world — the Réserve Cousteau. One of the best times to visit is August, the month of Fête des Cuisinières, when women dress in Creole fashion and parade through the streets bearing basketful of food. Other Caribbean Islands worth checking out are Saint Kitts and Martinique, two of the more well-known destinations.


Photos by: Liam QuinnDavid StanleyDaniel JolivetSelden Vestrit

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