Kavaje travel guide, Albania

Posted by on June 1, 2012

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In the western part of Albania is where you can find the beautiful city of Kavaje which is only a few miles from the Adriatic Sea. This historical place was discovered in 1595. Its former name was Kavalje which started the first revolution against communism. Kavaje is gifted with great beaches that are worth your while especially if you love the sun. Your itinerary will not be complete without seeing the Golem beach. There are quite a number of travelers that are attracted to the area. Based on statistics, this is inhabited by less than half a hundred thousands of people.

The beach of Kavaje. At the end of the beach you can see the city of Durres.
The beach of Kavaje. At the end of the beach you can see the city of Durres.

Just a few meters from sea level, Kavaje has the perfect climate. Most travelers are found in Golem beach. Across its sea shore is where you can find a boulevard where hotels and resorts are found. You will certainly love the facilities that can complete your whole vacation. They have rooms where you can view the ocean. The large beach is a good area where you can hang around and relax. For those who want to read a good book or just lay around on the sand, this is certainly the best place to hang out.

Between the months of may and October is when you can find yourself in the middle of local tourists coming from Tirana and other nearby cities. There are months when the beach is isolated. There are several restaurants found in the city where you can taste authentic native cuisine. It is described to be a mixture of Greek, Italian and Turkish flavor. The main course for Albanians is lunch. Normally you would want to enjoy a salad filled with olives, tomatoes, salt and olive oil. It is accompanied with meat depending on your preference. For dinner, you might want to try seafood dishes.

Kavaje, Albania
Kavaje, Albania

There are other nearby cities to you can enjoy. For those who will be visiting from America and other European countries, you will need a passport but there is no need to have a visa. That is valid for three months. You are required to purchase a return ticket. The good news is that crimes and theft are not common in the city. Although this is the case, be sure to look into your things. There are also quite a number of attractions in the city like museums and monuments. They are part of the beautiful city which makes it more interesting than ever.

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