International business and pleasure — 2 terrific conferences you shouldn’t miss

Posted by on July 4, 2018

If you’re trapped in the office, it’s easy to suffer from corporate cabin fever — stuffy surroundings and a lack of varied social interaction make you feel flustered and frustrated.

It’s a phenomenon that employers are beginning to take more seriously — work futurist Jacob Morgan tours businesses around the world to explain how the physical workspace impacts employee experience and recommend the best ways to redesign.

But one great way to escape your professional panopticon is by booking a business conference in an attractive location — you’ll absorb valuable insights and spend your downtime exploring the delights of a dynamic city.

If you’re planning to mix business and pleasure internationally, here are two global conferences you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Future Festival, New York City

When you work with emerging technologies, big data or the Internet of Things, this chance to connect with fellow technophiles is too good to miss.

The tech soothsayers at Future Fest provide a platform for 400 top-tier innovators to get together and discuss everything from future applications of AI to the burgeoning power of blockchain technology.

Featuring keynote speakers like Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche and Wired editor Nicholas Thompson, it’s a fabulous opportunity to soak up advice that will help futureproof your firm.

And since it’s held each May, it’s also a golden opportunity to explore the Big Apple in springtime.

The Manhattan-based gathering puts you in striking distance of Fifth Avenue’s salubrious shops and iconic Guggenheim Museum — although you might have as much fun people watching in Central Park.

If you want to unwind after-hours, head to the sci-fi themed Jupiter Disco in Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg for a spaced-out night sampling Sonic Sunset cocktails.

  1. SD Worx European Conference, London

No wonder HR employees sometimes feel downtrodden — satisfying the demands of managers and frontline staff is a testing task.

But digital payroll providers SD Worx host an annual European Conference each January that’s the hottest ticket in HR and a sanctuary for delegates who want to meet with fellow professionals in a relaxed but informative atmosphere.

With keynote speeches on the challenges of multi-generational workforces and disruptive technologies and high-profile hosts like TV’s Naga Munchetty, it’s always an event to remember.

And there’s no doubt that you and your fellow attendees will want to take the opportunity to soak up London’s buzzing multicultural vibe.

A champagne flight on the Emirates Air Line cable car across the Thames is an excellent way to unwind above the sweeping city skyline — you’ll get a unique perspective of famous landmarks like the Royal Docks, Thames Barrier and O2 Arena.

Looking for a tasty culinary treat? Then head to Healthy Eaters in Brixton for some of the best Jamaican food in Britain — the spicy stew beef and fried plantains will make your mouth water.

So there are two terrific conferences you really shouldn’t miss — convince your boss that your attendance is crucial and you’re halfway there already.

What’s the best conference you’ve ever been to? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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