Ignite your Taste Buds in Italy

Posted by on January 16, 2016

Italy is a place on which many poems are written by famous poets. This place attracts visitors for its exclusive architectural structures, Cathedrals and the delightful cuisine which will surely satisfy your taste buds. Italy is famous for its 3 P’s that is yummy pizzas, spicy pastas and delicious pastries. Italy is wonderfully described in “Romeo and Juliet “the romantic play of Shakespeare. Italy is not only about the Italian cuisine but also about piazzas and Palazzos. Piazzas in Italy are famous for its outstandingly amazing architectural work and are further representation of Italian history. These are as the diamonds in the ring so these piazzas work like diamonds in the beautiful ring Italy. Piazza Maggiore in Bologna and Piazza della Signoria in Florence are two famous Piazzas. Some of the magnificent structures in history have great historic significance and some of them are now converted in famous museums and galleries. Palazzos in ancient time consist of innumerable mysteries and wealth too. Some famous palazzos are the Tower of Palazzo and Palazzo Vecchio. Apart from the historical significance there are some famous restaurants too which serves the best of Italian food with spectacular aura. If you too want to enjoy the delicious food and explore the wonderful Italy then you can get the best packages on EaseMyTrip.com

Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

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The Ristorante La Sponda in Positano

This place stands out in the crowd because of the vibrant ruby color edged in white. The restaurant is a part of the luxurious hotel “Hotel Le Sirenuse”. The enticing aura is an eye candy and the interior is eternal pleasure to watch at. Not only the interior of the place is beautiful but the exterior natural bliss is also amazing. It is a perfect place to dine with your beloved or with your soul mate in the romantic atmosphere. This romantic place will surely give you moments to remember.

Da Vittorio (Brusaporto)

It is another amazing place for enjoying the delicious food in the delightful open air restaurant. It is a Mixture of Lombard tradition with exclusive genius. You can here enjoy non vegetarian meals and pleasing service. This place has Earned 3 Michelin star for the yummy cuisine.

Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

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Del Pesvatore

It is a famous restaurant in the Italy south of the city Mantua. This restaurant also has 3 Michelin stars; it is famous for serving tortellini stuffed with pumpkin, mustard and amaretto. If you are planning to visit try them out. The dishes here are traditional and are made by following the family recipe with a bit of twist.

L’ Antica Pizzeria da Michele

This restaurant is located in Naples. If you are on a vacation to Italy then it can’t be completed without tasting the yummy pizzas. This restaurant serves the best Neapolitan pizza and the owner believes that the original pizzas do not require any toppings so they only serve marinara and margarita only in reasonable price.

La Pergola

It is the one of the exclusive restaurant in Rome honored with 3 Michelin stars. This restaurant serves the spoiling yummy food with the perfect ambience. One can here enjoy candlelit dinner with the loved ones. This place offers mouthwatering dishes with good servicing as well.

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