How to Make Business Travel Fun and Convenient

Posted by on January 10, 2015

Traveling for business rather than leisure is rarely fun. But some nifty gadgets will definitely change your opinion about working while traveling, as they can provide the lifeline that you need to survive the demands of business and make time for pleasure.


Lifeproof Case

When it comes to the Lifeproof case, it’s not the looks that are deceiving but the name. This is because this gadget actually makes your iPhone waterproof, extending its life, rather than killing it. With your smartphone wrapped in Lifeproof, you can take a dip at the beach or the swimming pool and not miss a call from your boss or an important email. You can even continue to work while you float aboard a tube and sip pina colada. Okay, this doesn’t sound like working at all, but what a way to juggle business and pleasure, right?


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Need to catch up on your sleep while aboard the plane or during long-haul commute? Block out all the noise and the raucous that some passengers make and get as much shut-eye as you want with the noise-cancelling headphones. It may cost a little more than in-ear headphones that double as ear plugs, but they let you enjoy more peace and quiet. Just make sure you don’t sleep all the way and miss your stop, when taking a bus or train.


Smart Tablet

When a laptop is too bulky to bring, opt for a tablet instead. Since not all of them are built for productivity, make sure that what you own is not only smart, but also business and travel ready. It must be equipped with all the software that you need to work and Wi-Fi or internet-ready. A tablet with an external keyboard that also acts as a protective cover is the best choice.


With these gadgets—and more, business travel can be a balance between work and play.

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