How to Get Your Excess Holiday Shopping Home

Posted by on January 9, 2014

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Thousands of people every year head off overseas to enjoy the holidays in a foreign land. Depending on your destination, you may also get to see how differently the holidays are observed in a certain country. Most people also enjoy a spot of shopping, especially if their holiday destination has a lower currency and more bargains than they would get at home.

Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping

It is always important however, to remember our allowed check on luggage; which differs depending on the airline we are travelling with. If you have gone overboard with your luggage and have exceeded your airline luggage allowance, then here are a few handy tips on how to get your excess baggage home:

  1. Airline Excess Luggage – Travellers will be charged an excess baggage fee when the weight of their check-in luggage exceeds the weight allowed by the airline.  You may think that using the airlines and paying for excess luggage fees is the best way to go. Sure, it looks straightforward enough, but it will cost you much more compared to other shipping options. Moreover, some, if not most airlines will only accept excess luggage depending on space availability. Travellers also need to complete necessary requirements during check-in. Thus, using the airlines excess luggage option isn’t as simple or affordable as it seems. In some cases in may not even be an option – the Caribbean airline LIAT, even put an embargo on excess luggage during the holiday season!
  2. Regular post – Using the regular postal service maybe a cheaper option than paying for airline excess baggage fees. However, most regular posts may be limited to domestic deliveries. You may also end up losing your package if you decide to go with a regular postal service and do not register the item. Having said that though there are a number of reliable postal services such as Australia’s Auspost and the UK’s Royal Mail.
  3. Courier / Ask the seller to ship the item – The difference between a regular post and a courier service is the speed of the item delivery and the cost. With couriers, you can easily keep track of your packages and expect to receive the item faster compared to the regular postal service. It is more expensive however, but often worth it knowing you will receive your item.
  4. Sea Freight – Using a sea freight company may prove to be the longest mode of transport for your excess holiday shopping. It is ideal for travellers who don’t mind waiting for their parcels to arrive and also for those who are looking for a very cheap option! This option is also recommended if you need to ship large volume packages.  Companies such as World Baggage offer affordable sea freight options.
  5. Air Freight – This is the fastest mode of transportation for long distance deliveries. This option is also ideal for those who want to receive their packages right away. To be on the safe side, choose trusted air freight companies to ensure your parcels get to you when you arrive home. Another advantage to this excess baggage option is that will cost you less compared to paying for excess luggage fees at the airport.

Another great idea is to bring extra foldable bags for items bought during your trip. This won’t help you with excess baggage fees if you exceed your limit but it will help greatly if you run out of space in your suitcase. If you have however, forget your airline baggage allowance during your shopping trips and need to arrange excess luggage, you can choose from one of the options above.

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