How to find cheap flights online

Posted by on July 30, 2014

One of the biggest obstacles that many people find when they plan to travel is the first step: to find a cheap domestic flights, and especially nowadays with the economic crisis, the increasing price of the fuel and the environment taxes…

To balance the total cost of your trip, here we offer you some tips that surely will help you save up some money:

• Meet all the low cost companies that operate in the aerial zone where you want to fly: They are really cheaper but they frequently fly to secondary airports, although you shouldn’t mind if the airport is 150 km far from your destination, cause there are usually trains every hour to reach the city and the saved money will still be worth it. Check the best of NZ – readers picks from NZ Herald for some tips on domestic travel in New Zealand.

Cheap Flights

Cheap Flights

• Be flexible on dates: Try to be flexible at least for 3-4 days. The price of a ticket can vary greatly from one day to another. Check the flights two days before and two days after your planned date and both going and turning back.

• If possible buy it in advance: A ticket purchased 4-5 weeks before is much cheaper than one bought the same week of the departure. If you know you’re going to fly within 6 months make sure you spend one or two months checking the ticket prices and their evolution but overall buy the ticket 2 or 3 months before the date.

• If you can choose when to go on holidays, why not traveling in October instead of August? During high season (August, Christmas and Easter) flights are usually 30-40% more expensive. If you’re traveling in these times purchase the ticket 3-4 months in advance. Make up your mind! See these tips on best time to book cheap flights.

• Be flexible with routes and check all the possibilities: Create your own route, don’t go always for the direct flights. For example, the flights to Asia, Oceania and North America tend to be less expensive from London, so you can fly with a low cost airline to London and from there fly to your final destination. This also gives you the possibility to visit the city in which you spend your scale. See this for a valuable experience about travelling on low cost.

Cheap Flight

Cheap Flight

• Forget the travel agencies: Use a good Internet flight comparison site or the Lowest Fare finder tool provided on some websites. Try some of them with the same destination and dates and check the final price, because in some of them the final price is quite different from the original one they had offered at the beginning. In addition you can buy it directly in the airline site since they don’t charge commissions.

• Don’t wait evermore: Sometimes people wait too long to get the perfect price and they end up paying more than expected. If you’ve found a price considered good, buy it then. Prices are always changing and not always to the good, so it can be risky to wait.

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