How to beat the post-holiday blues

Posted by on August 30, 2016

Whatever your holiday style – partying, sightseeing, sunbathing or exotic adventures – most of us jump at the first chance we get to escape normality. Refreshing and invigorating, travelling is amazing for your mental health.

But there’s a nasty flipside we tend to forget about – the post-holiday blues.

With the memories of ice cold beers and poolside siestas still fresh, the reality of home becomes depressingly mundane. Returning to work causes an extreme Sunday-night dread, and suddenly that dream of opening up a boardwalk café and living the rest of your life in the sun becomes all the more desperate.

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To help you beat the post-holiday blues, we’ve put together some top tips on getting back into your daily rhythm with minimal breakdowns and bumps.

Tip #1: Plan the return trip

It’s crazy how quickly we get used to having no routine. Going where you want, when you want is one of the biggest holiday advantages. As soon as it’s over, responsibilities come flooding back in, starting with the torturous journey home.

Without the excitement of a 10-night stretch of complete freedom ahead of you, it’s easy to get restless and irritable when travelling. Make the journey home less stressful by organising it before you go.

Print tickets, book a transfer to the airport, and use a parking service to cut out time once you land– Gatwick meet and greet parking is a prime example. These small steps are simple ways of reducing the hassle and dread of being homeward-bound.

Tip #2: Steal your favourite elements

As fun as cheesy souvenirs can be, subtly incorporating holiday elements into your daily lifestyle is a much more effective and sustainable source of happiness. If you’re fantasising about the food, why not try out a few recipes on friends? Or if the speciality beers made your break, then a hunt around for local stockists is worth a look.

You can even improve the quality of your life at home by redecorating your house to capture the atmosphere and style you loved about your hotel and destination.

Tip #3: Plan your next holiday

Finding inspiration for your next trip abroad is a great way of distracting yourself from the blues. It might not be happening for a while yet, but plans don’t have to be set in stone.

Consider what you loved most about your last holiday and do some research into places with similar qualities and activities on offer. This kind of evaluation is a healthy way of looking back at your memories – instead of romanticising the trip think about how you can improve on it the next time.

Do you have any other secret formulas for fighting the post-holiday blues? You can always leave a comment and share your wisdom with the rest of us.

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