Hop – The Remote Controlled Luggage That Follows You Around

Posted by on March 10, 2015

Traveling has become very convenient and comfortable these days, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. From airport design to aircraft safety, travelers are enjoying more pleasurable and safer trips every time. But if there is one inconvenience that travelers cannot seem to do without, it is the need to go around with a heavy bag or luggage, but not anymore. Introducing Hop – a remote controlled luggage that follows you wherever you go.


Hop is a specially designed suitcase that follows its user keeping a constant distance. The owner commands the luggage via a smartphone, but when signal or communication is lost, the electronic luggage automatically locks itself and sends a vibration notice to the user through the smartphone. In addition to following the user, the bags may be programmed to follow other Hop bags or to be jointly controlled.


This next-generation luggage design, however, is not without flaws. Being full of electronic devices, the remote controlled luggage appears like a bomb or suspicious device when scanned with x-ray machine, a mainstay at passenger terminals and airports.


The electronics in the bag are critical, though. A Hop contains three receivers, which are needed to receive , identify and triangulate various signals sent from the user’s smartphone. A device called microcontroller interprets these signals and calculates the phone’s location in reference to the luggage. This microcontroller is also responsible for keeping the bag at a desired distance from its owner or user. According to its designers, with Hop, conveyor belts and bellhops that moves luggage becomes unnecessary.


Hop remains another technology, which is yet to be injected into the mainstream. People seem reluctant to try it mainly because of the many electronic devices inside the luggage. Another discouraging factor is the suitcase size. People say that the luggage is too small to warrant being remotely controlled, adding that with a good set of wheels and a handle, the bag can easily be maneuvered around by a mere child. A bag that size would definitely have a disappointing amount of space for stuff, considering it must also make space for its electronics. Hop nevertheless offers a clean, sleek look and its wheels are carefully tucked underneath, but would likely have issues when rolling on rough terrain.

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