Holidays with your pet | Tips for last minute journey

Posted by on February 20, 2013

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A holiday with your four-legged friend is not a mirage. Of course, the lack of adequate transport facilities for them makes everything more complicated, but with a little organization you can overcome this. It is time, therefore, to organize a holiday with our pet!

Traveling Pug

Traveling Pug

Check up with the veterinarian

First, if we want to take with us our dog or cat must first make sure that they are in good health and has been subjected to routine immunizations. An inspection visit to the vet is therefore the first thing to do. This will allow us, among other things to update the medical records of the animal control that has already been carried out vaccination against rabies and apply for a passport of the animal if we intend to go abroad. The best advice though is a pet travel insurance so you can enjoy your holidays with your pet and worry about nothing.

Choose your holiday

Once you know that everything is in place, you can decide where to go on vacation. For those traveling outside their country it is essential to inquire the availability of services and rules for our four-legged friends, but also those traveling inside the country would do well to adopt this healthy habit. The availability of pet friendly services and facilities is very important and you should know where to find those. And do it before starting the journey will avoid loss of valuable time and unnecessary stress. As a general note, you should know that the top hospitality places for our friends are Corfu and Corsica, which are the places where animals are accepted almost everywhere.

During journey

After all that inquire, we can finally leave for our long-awaited holidays. Yeah, but how? The choice of medium is no less influential than the goal. So, since you have been so good to decide where to go, you should complete the work and ask for the best even on the specific regulations for traveling with pets that sometimes vary depending not only on the chosen medium, but also on the equipment you must have with you and travel rules.

In general you should know that:

– In the car, your friend can only travel in a special cage in the rear separated by a net, even if the car is yours.

– In train, small pets are allowed free of charge, but only within the appropriate carrier. For large dogs are required muzzle and leash.

– By ship, when it comes to cruise ships, they hardly ever accept the presence of large dogs. For regular boats is the same as with trains.

– On plane, you should checke for specific regulation establishing the company with which you will be traveling.

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