Holiday destinations to consider for 2019

Posted by on September 26, 2018

It isn’t always easy to pick a great place to take a vacation. Some destinations, after all, may seem just too obvious or expensive, while others may be sufficiently obscure as to make you wonder whether they’re so ‘hidden’ and ‘overlooked’ simply because they aren’t very good.

We therefore thought we’d take a look and pick out a few of the holiday spots that we reckon should be on your shortlist for the New Year.

The Maldives

This South Asian idyll still rightly features near the top of many travellers’ ‘must do’ lists, even by the standards of other famously luxurious and restful vacations, and who can blame them?

There’s no sight quite like that seductive turquoise water contrasting against the stark white sand of the Maldives’ most in-demand beaches and resorts, while the overwater bungalows here – many of them offering their own private plunge pool – are no less than iconic.

Sure, the Maldives is hardly cheap, but it’s a destination very much worth the outlay.

Athens, Greece

It’s not exactly news that Athens is immensely rewarding for history buffs – it’s not universally referred to as the cradle of Western civilisation for nothing. Indeed, you could spend weeks in the Greek capital and still feel that you have only merely touched on the depth of history here.

What isn’t so well-known is that it really is the complete spring-to-early-summer holiday city, even for those who can’t tell their ancient Greeks from their ancient Romans.

The city’s distinctly international-flavoured culinary scene, for example, boasts a level of sophistication to match any other heaving capital, while the nightlife also positively booms, with an electric atmosphere routinely evident after sunset around the narrow city streets and plazas.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is another tourist-magnet city with a reputation so gleaming in one specific aspect, that the wider vibrancy and variety of its attractions isn’t always properly discussed.

In Orlando’s case, everyone and his dog knows it as the amusement park capital of the world, with more than 50,000 acres of its territory being covered by them.

However, ‘The City Beautiful’ also serves up a rich shopping and restaurant experience, while the unspoilt wetlands and mangroves of the Everglades provide the perfect natural counterpoint to all of that gleaming manmade majesty.

There is also no shortage of surprisingly affordable villas in Orlando from which to choose for a charming, opulent and stimulating break, with leading Sunshine State holiday specialists like Ocean Florida offering deals to suit a wide range of budgets.

Saint Lucia

This fabulous corner of the West Indies has long been an automatic choice for honeymooners and couples, so you can expect plenty of luxurious resorts from which to select, and the unspeakably romantic atmosphere that they bring.

Yet, there are also so many attractions of Saint Lucia that really ought to be mentioned more often in the tourist brochures.

One example is Pigeon Island National Landmark, which – as explained by Saint Lucia National Trust – comprises the ruins of military buildings used during the various British-French battles for control of the island down the centuries, as well as two delightful beaches and several restaurants.

Which of these destinations are most piquing your interest as far as a potential visit during 2019 is concerned? Alternatively, maybe you’ve got some ideas of your own for great places to stay and play over the coming 12 months or so? If so, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below.

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