Holiday Attractions for Local and Foreign Tourists Visiting the UK

Posted by on September 16, 2016

When it comes to holidays, it is not surprising to see people coming in and out of top vacation destinations like the U.K. In fact, many tourists find it irresistible to visit places around England, which include Brighton, Cornwall, Cotswolds, Devon, London, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Yorkshire, among others. Here are some of the reasons why tourists cannot get their eyes off of England.



There is simply no place in the world that is like Yorkshire, which boasts of its reputation in terms of food and drink as the best in the U.K. If you are going to spend your vacation, make sure that you include this location on your itinerary.

The Swinton Park is perfect for families seeking to stay in a friendly hotel nearby after soaking into heritage-related tourist spots. Likewise, it offers couples some relaxation at the Middlethorpe Hall & Spa.



If you are going to visit the UK, make sure you drop by Cotswolds, a place that simply strays from the ordinary. The location is characterised by lively galleries, gentle dynamism, and vibrant festivals, as well as a huge gift of fascinating museums. This place is the largest of the 38 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wales and England. Families can take refuge at the Old Swan and Minster Mill, while couples can opt for the Barnsley House.



Holidays should be well spent and Devon is perfect as it is wholesome, scenic and simple. Inland Devon has a lot of appeal for tourists, but the north and south beaches have drawn tourists ever since. The Bovey Castle is great for family packages, but the Red Lion is attractive for couples looking for romantic ambiance.

A single day is never enough if you are going to visit the UK. So spend your holidays wisely to maximise your precious time and money.


Photos by: Eric Hossinger, and Wikimedia

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