Holiday and honeymoon fashion essentials

Posted by on June 25, 2016

Buying clothes for holidays and honeymoons is part of building excitement for a longed-for break or wedding day but what type of holiday fashions should we be buying?


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A surprising new survey has revealed that women spend on average £166 on their holiday wardrobe but more surprisingly men spend £205.

The survey also revealed that most Brits don’t wear a third of the clothes they have packed for their holidays so this probably indicates more thought should be taken when buying outfits.

The fashion experts have had an opportunity to offer their recommendations for summer holiday and honeymoon wear and topping the list for women is a crisp white blouse in poplin style. This can then be used with A-line skirts, trousers or even culottes.

In addition, off the shoulder blouses are predicted to be a big hit this year so they can show off bronzed shoulders though there is a trend for cut-out shoulders as well.

Visiting wedding dress shops

Thinking of honeymoon and holiday fashion might seem to be a step too far when the bridal party is busy with visiting wedding dress shops in London but the issue needs to be considered.

Indeed, fashion fans should also be looking to buy cropped trousers for their summer wardrobe, particularly with front pleats which help legs look longer. Along with simple sandals and the crisp blouse mentioned previously, this is the holiday and honeymoon look this year. The outfit can also be worn back at home too.

When we mention minimal sandal styles they need to be carefully chosen so they will go with every outfit that is packed so fashion fans should keep them in tan-enhancing hues such as silver and white and make sure they have a clean design and look sleek.

Another option is to pack a stylish midi dress since they can be used for a variety of occasions including lunches and cocktail hours. Fashion experts are recommending classic pattern styles.

Accessories are also a crucial part of the honeymooning and holiday wardrobe, and choosing a stylish straw bag will also deliver a timeless look to an outfit. Avoid anything with tassels and monographs and opt for a plain style since this can be used for future summer holidays as well.

Choosing the best designer wedding dresses

It seems like a lot to consider when thinking about choosing the best designer wedding dresses in London though not everyone is heading to the Riviera or sunshine and some will be heading for city breaks and staycation holidays which means there are other items they need to pack.

Among them, according to the fashion experts, is a stylish sweater, sunglasses and a raincoat that packs down easily for those, inevitable if you’re staying in the UK, rainy days.

Don’t forget sun hats – including baseball caps and straw hats – plimsolls, swimsuits and stylish shorts will also be necessary and some may opt for a stylish new bikini as well.

Essentially, by buying effectively the fashion fan will have a range of clothes to meet the £166 budget that will offer a timeless and elegant style that can be switched and utilised for a variety of events while enjoying their honeymoon or holiday sunshine.

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