Holi, the festival of colours in India

Posted by on May 31, 2012

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Holi is a festival that originates in India and remembers the triumph of goodness over evil. This happened when the demon goddess Holika was burned and destroy. After this people have had solid faith to the Hindu god Lord Vishnu. Holi is referred to as the Festival of Colors. It comes from Lord Krishna who is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. This god likes to play pranks on girls by soaking them in water and color. This festival marks the end of winter and people pray for the abundance of harvest during the spring season. When is Holi celebrated?  This is celebrated a day after the full moon in the month of March every year. In 2013, it will happen in March 27. Huge parts of India are celebrating the festivities. There are some places with more lively celebrations than the others. During the Holi festival, people spend the whole day smearing colored powder on their face.

Holi, the festival of colours in India

Holi, the festival of colours in India

They also throw colored water during parties. People are also dancing under sprinkling machines. Normally Bhang is served. This is a paste made from cannabis plants and is served during celebrations. There are several rituals that are being performed during the Holi. It puts emphasis on the burning of the demon goddess. On the eve of the festival, there are bonfires that are lit up to mark the start of the occasion. This is a symbol that the evil spirits are being burnt.

Holi is a carefree event that is so much fun which shouldn’t be missed if you travel to India at that time. If you don’t mind getting dirty and wet, you will want to participate in Holi. You will end up having color on your skin and your body. Be sure to wear old clothes because the colors don’t wash out right away. As advice, you might want to rub your hair and skin with coconut oil to prevent the coloring from being absorbed. Single women shouldn’t be alone because some males might have consumed excessive bhang or alcohol. There are incidents of crime that are reported so people attending should take caution.

Holi is a festival that is regarded as celebrating Colors of Unity and Brotherhood. It is an opportunity to forget each other’s differences and have fun. The celebration is done with high spirits without thinking about color, race, sex, or status. It is an occasion wherein sprinkling colored powders and water breaks the barrier and brotherhood is being reaffirmed. This is definitely a reason why you should participate in the festival.  Holi is derived from the word Hola which means prayer to the god and thanksgiving for good harvest. This happens every year to remind people that those who do good will be saved and those who don’t will be burned to ashes.

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