High tide in Venice, the historical capital of the Venetian Republic

Posted by on November 28, 2012

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The other day I was planning with my wife to go to Venice and while we were looking for affordable Venice apartments we noted something special, the water tide in the famous Italian city.

A different image of Venice

A different image of Venice

Venice, as seen in the video of the tourists who bath under the bell tower of St. Mark, lives a difficult situation while not entirely new. The phenomenon of high water is in fact a feature of the lagoon city, even if not one of the most positive. On the 11th of November the tide came up to 149 cm (height from the sixth to 1872) and the water had flooded 70% of the historical city while putting in difficulty residents and shopkeepers.



Even the countermeasures put in place by the City are likely to be ineffective, sometimes in the fashion steal stands are prepared to provide walkways and the tourist will be satisfied by their day trips from Venice.

Tourists in the city were able to see a show particularly effective and suitable to take pictures to be uploaded soon on Facebook: less effervescent have been those who have found themselves having to carry their cases making them float like barges in tow.

The rain and the tide created serious damage on the coast, giving the coup de grace to the beaches of Jesolo and Caorle, which already heavily eroded by the storms of the previous days. Luckily there were no tourists there! So if you already learned you lesson, before looking to book holiday apartments in Venice just have a look at the weather because you never know what you will find there.

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