Hell Hotels: Top 5 Places to Scratch Off Your Accommodation Options

Posted by on November 13, 2014

When you’ve traveled for more than four hours by plane, the first thing you want to do as soon as you touch down is to check into your hotel and sleep for the rest of the day. After all, you can’t just shake off jetlag. But how would you feel if you find out that the hotel you booked is the exact opposite of what you have imagined or worse?



So you don’t end up booking your accommodation with a hotel that looks like it was sent from hell, here are top five of the worst places you should NEVER include in your travel list:

Don Juan Beach Resort, Dominican Republic


Don’t be fooled by its name — the place is nowhere near romantic. Hotel investigators at Oyster.com, a site that provides a tell-all of the hotels they’ve been to, went to this resort, and they were in for a huge surprise. The rooms were dark, food almost not safe for human consumption, small pools, gas-processing plant nearby, dirty beach and most of all, insane rates. And worst part is that it’s located in the Dominican Republic’s sex-tourism capital, which means that the place is strewn with prostitutes and hecklers.

Corte Dei Tusci, Tuscany


Tuscany is known for its amazing countryside, world-class art and delectable gastronomic offerings. But this beach resort is an exemption of its beauty and grandeur. While Corte Dei Tusci looks inspiring at first glance, you’ll be put off once you notice the huge chemical factory right across it. The pier on the resort’s beach was even used to transport chemicals. The management assures guests that pollution in their area is within safe limits. But is there really safe limits to something as destructive as pollution? You be the judge.

Sandals Carlyle Inn, Jamaica


Imagine relaxing in a beach resort where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the sunrise. Then, find out that you were fooled by their marketing tactic. There’s probably no worse travel experience than that, right? On their website, the images show the hotel as located right on a tranquil beach. But it’s actually across a busy road from a crowded and cramped public beach. There are still so many hotels that could be the worst places to spend your holiday in. So if you want to make the most of your trip, see to it that you check out reviews before booking.

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