Greek Debt Crisis 2015 – Is It Good or Bad Time for a Greek Holiday?

Posted by on July 23, 2015

If anything, the Greek crisis is going to drive prices down, which is actually good news for tourists. Experts say that the beauty of Greece is not in any way affected by its economy, so it remains a great travel destination.

However, the turmoil in Greece makes travel a bit tricky, so here are a couple of reminders for those who have booked a Greek holiday this year and in the near future.

Cash Up

Withdrawals are restricted in Greece, so it is best to bring sufficient amount of Euros to support your holiday as well as emergencies. Have your local currency exchanged for ample Euros where it is cheapest, so you will not have to endure the long queues at few functional Greek ATMs. Also, split cash among travel companions, and do not place cash in one place while traveling.


Keep Safe

To be safe, do not bring loads of cash with you when sightseeing. Store your cash inside a safe box and just bring enough to cover a day’s travel.

Multiple Payments

Do not rely on cash alone. Crisis or not, it is better to bring other means of payment like Visa credit cards and debit cards.


Avoid Protest Areas

Much of Greek tourist attractions are safe and peaceful save for the Syntagma square where the demonstrations are. Keep away from the crowd of protesters to avoid trouble.


Get Travel Insurance

Although insurance do not provide much coverage for stolen cash, it does provide you with other travel essentials like medical service. Despite the crisis in Greece, most of the public services are pretty much the same, so you can enjoy your trip there.

Do Not Cancel


You stand to lose money if you cancel the trip because of travel terms and nonrefundable payments made in advance. With all else the same, Greece remains a top destination for international tourists. When you visit the country, you are actually helping the economy in your own way.

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