Getting Started on Home Exchange

Posted by on October 9, 2014

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If you’re looking to travel with as little budget as possible, try home exchange. It’s a really great idea to spend less to nothing on your vacation accommodation, in a destination of your choice. A successful house swap, however, depends on several factors. For one, you must have a home that is appealing enough to other swappers. Otherwise, no exchange will happen.


For another, you must be okay with having strangers live in your home and use all your stuff, within a set period. If even the idea makes you uncomfortable, spend your vacation the traditional way, by booking a room in a hotel, resort or holiday rentals.

However, if you think that swapping homes will work for you, get down to the nitty gritty.


  1. Prepare your house

Clean every nook and cranny of your home, decorate or re-decorate and then ensure all utilities are working properly. It would be unfair to leave your guests with a broken shower or water heater.

  1. Take photographs

Similar to staging a home, you need to give home swappers an idea of what to expect. Take a picture of the most essential parts of a house (bedroom, bathroom and kitchen) in their best angle. Remember not to mislead, however.


  1. Register your home

To make it easier for interested house swappers to find you, list your property through reputable organizations, such as HomeLink, Home Base Holidays and Intervac Home Exchange. Be sure to read their guidelines for a successful listing.

  1. Start the ball rolling

Don’t wait for people to be the first to contact you. Take the initiative and offer a home exchange. Remember to be friendly, polite and flexible at all times. It’s also important that you answer inquiries promptly.


Getting started with home swapping may take a lot of work, but it only takes on step to reach success. Once you’re in, you can enjoy great vacations on a budget.

Photos by: Taylor WhiteParisSharingZara Gonzalez

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